The EOL Packaging Experts GmbH is an international group of companies, offering End of Line Packaging Systems.
The group members A+F Automation + Fördertechnik GmbH based in Germany and the US company Standard-Knapp have decades of experience in this field.
A+F was founded in 1974. As a leading manufacturer of End of Line Packaging A+F enjoys an excellent reputation in its competence to develop state of the art packaging systems. Standard-Knapp was founded 1890 and was the first company to offer secondary packaging solutions. Since then the company developed into a leading US-manufacturer of End of Line Packaging Machines with a focus on the foods and beverage industry.
Standard-Knapp builds carton-, tray- and shrink wrap packaging machines. Under the roof of EoL Packaging Experts, A+F and Standard-Knapp build the foundation of a strong international industry group. Together they serve the most important international markets and continuously work to expand their technological advantage.
BMS was founded in 1992 in Pfatter near Regensburg. The company develops and produces packing and palletizing systems as well as transport technology for the beverage, dairy and food industries. As a dynamic system provider, BMS plans and delivers individual systems for the drying section, the sorting area and the repacking area. The company’s portfolio also includes tailor-made development, construction and delivery of the machines to assembly, as well as a comprehensive maintenance and service package.
A + F, BMS and Standard-Knapp have created the basis for a strong international industrial group under the umbrella of EOL Packaging Experts. The EOL Experts are present in the most important international markets and will continuously expand their technological lead. With the background of EOL’s worldwide sales and service organization, all group members will further expand their synergies in the market area, in the product portfolio, in production and machine technology, digitization, in service and in project management.


High-Quality Packaging Solutions

For more than 40 years A+F is a leading supplier of End-of-Line packaging machines and equipment and enjoys a high reputation worldwide for the expertise in designing high-quality packaging solutions.
A+F provides integrated solutions for the Dairy, Food, and Beverage industries as well as for the Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, and other industries.



Packaging Machinery

At Standard-Knapp, we strive for the ultimate in everything we do, whether it’s providing the finest case, tray and shrink packaging machinery available on the market today, or supporting those same machines – some of which date back more than 50 years and are still in service today! We design packaging machinery for customers who require long service life from rugged, reliable machines.



Tailor-made & dynamic concepts

We want to make a significant contribution to the success of our customers with our tailor-made solutions.
That is why we are developing and producing innovative packing and palletizing systems as well as transport technology for the beverage, dairy and food industry with state of the art tailor-made layout concepts, individual machines and systems, and above all, also in structurally demanding conditions. As a system provider, BMS plans and delivers individual systems for the dry section, the sorting area and the repacking area.


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